The temperature has dropped significantly in the past couple of days. It might still be November, but there can be no doubt that winter is rushing towards us. Of course the Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza books have been on display for a few weeks now, but there are plenty of great winter books that do not have any holiday affiliation. Sebastian Meschenmoser has written and illustrated a lovely picture book that is perfect for this time of year, when the air is that crisp clear cold and the snow has yet to make an appearance. In Waiting for Winter (KaneMiller, $15.99) squirrel and hedgehog are too young to remember the winters that Deer and Bear discuss. As much as the ‘old folk’ try to describe what winter looks and feels like, what the ‘young uns’ envision is significantly off the mark. Children 4-7 will be amused by the illustrations of falling, white toothbrushes and socks that convey squirrel’s misinterpretations. The silent moment when the first snowflake finally does fall is priceless, as is the beautiful blanketed forest at the end.