Our owner recently had a visitor from the UK, which seemed like a perfect excuse to request a few copies of Slow Loris by Alexis Deacon (Red Fox £5.99). In case you’re wondering, Slow Loris is not a name. Slow Loris is a slow loris. He really is very slow. And all the visitors at the zoo think he is very boring. But Slow Loris has a secret. This phenomenal book, complete with lift-the-flap gems, and fold-out pages, will keep kids laughing. It is my all-time favorite picture book from the UK and one that I love to quote from when the occasion arises (which is more often than you’d expect). I’m delighted to have some copies in our store again and I can’t wait to start sharing it with people. Unfortunately it’s hard to come by in the US, but it’s well worth tracking down. Even if you need to implore a friend visiting the UK to bring you a copy. Or better yet, plan a trip over yourself.