I suspect I’ll be piggy-backing quite a bit on our store’s picks of the year over the next few weeks, but it is the season for gift giving and we’ve selected a great group of recommendations. (I can say that because I wasn’t responsible for this process!) So when a customer came in today and asked about books for a 3 year old, I was able to take her right to to our picks window display. My first book of choice is Pantone Colors (Pantone, $9.95). This board book has a more sophisticated approach to colors than most color books. This book does not simply include blue or green, instead in compares shades of blue and green. The left page of blue, for example, showcases various swatches, such as ocean blue or midnight blue. The image on the right — a train — is comprised these different hues. Rather than a narrative, Pantone Colors is a conversation generator and offer excellent opportunities for adults to discuss the color spectrum with kids. 3 year olds, who generally know their colors by this age, will be able to talk about the different types of greens they see throughout the day and will probably enjoy making up names for the new colors they discover.


Pantone has also produced a gift “box of color” ($12.95). It contains 6 mini board books: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. These little books use many of the same devices but are chewable and stackable, exactly what we expect from our board books. They are a perfect new baby gift for artsy parents.