9780316204965Loki’s Wolves by K. L. Armstrong and M. A Marr (Little, Brown, $16.99, out today) is the Nordic answer to any kid clamoring for more books about mortals who find themselves in ancient-god-type situations. Set in North Dakota, which is unusual, but kind of refreshing, Matt Thorson has grown up hearing the Norse myths and sagas as if they were family history, which it turns out they are. Matt is a direct descendent of Thor and his classmates, cousins Fen and Laurie, are the descendants of Loki. The three are somewhat begrudgingly thrown together to prepare for an event called Ragnarök, otherwise known as the apocalypse. In Matt, Fen, and Laurie’s adventures through North Dakota, they encounter Valkyries, trolls, other mortal/god descendants, and the local police. It’s up to them to decide whom to trust and how best to prepare themselves to save the world from the end of the world. The first book in a series, Loki’s Wolves isn’t quite as well-paced as Riordan’s books, or as funny, and there were occasional confusing narrative shifts, but the series has a lot of potential and it’s fun to read about cultural myths that aren’t as well known as the Greeks’. Besides, I don’t think Riordan fans will complain too much. Loki’s Wolves is the perfect book for any reader who thoroughly enjoyed the Kane Chronicles (me).

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