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Holiday titles can often be quite hit and miss. There is an undercurrent of commercialism that drives a lot of the books published around each holiday and is reflected in the quality. Fortunately, there are always a few books that offer redemption. For Valentine’s Day,  one of those books is i haiku you! by Betsy E. Snyder (Random House, $9.99). There are a few others; expect to see them mentioned here over the next couple of weeks. I was delighted to see Snyder’s new book, because I think her Haiku Baby book is absolutely adorable. i haiku you! contains a variety of haikus about different kinds of love. The haikus themselves are very sweet and well written, demonstrating creativity and insight. I also appreciate the variety of relationships demonstrated throughout the book: friends, kid/dog, kid/popsicle. There are loves thwarted and loves lost, loves reciprocated and loves found. It’s the kind of book I wanted to send to my best friend, with a note: “see that little girl mailing a letter? the one with this haiku?”

while we are apart,

stars wink a message to you

i (twinkle) love you

“yeah, that’s totally how I feel. miss you.”

And then there is the kid home sick in bed:

noodles so yummy,

love letters for your tummy —

warm alphabet soup

I appreciate so much that this little book contains a love poem dedicated to alphabet soup. The dog who has to watch his friend ride away in a school bus is heartbreaking, but *spoiler alert*, true love always returns.

i haiku you! is a delightful book because it can be shared with so many different loves in your life. Read it to your kids, send it to your parents, give it to your partner, your best friend, or one of your siblings. Snyder’s haikus celebrate the variety of love. Something the Valentines’ Day industry often forgets.

Books for babies is probably our most frequent request. My new personal baby book of choice is Haiku Baby by Betsy E. Snyder (Random House, $6.99). First, it’s just so pretty, but keep looking and it gets better and better. There are 7 tabs about different natural elements and rather incongruous animals with a haiku for each:


high on mountaintop,

hippo watches snowflakes dance—

winter has begun

The accompanying hippo, complete with pink scarf and bird, standing on a mountaintop and watching the snow flakes fall is priceless.

The book covers the various seasons and each page is equally delightful.


in tickly-toe grass,

a buttercup offers up

yellow nose kisses

“tickly-toe grass”?!?!? Can’t you feel it? The hard t, k, and g sounds evoke walking through the grass barefoot in the summer. I love that the words then smooth out into “yellow nose kisses”, perfect for laying outside perhaps snoozing in the afternoon sun.

These haikus dance off the tongue and are perfect for reading aloud while snuggling with a baby. But don’t neglect this book for toddlers up to 2. The illustrations are simple, but there is plenty to look at and offer interactive games. I suspect no one will be able to resist the invitation to tickle those little toes.


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