Hurricane Sandy delayed this post a bit. I’m still waiting for power, but the electricity company trucks worked for a while outside then drove away so I’m not optimistic.

Neil Gaiman’s Newbery Award winning The Graveyard Book (HarperCollins, $8.99) does in fact take place in a graveyard. Bod (you get the joke, right?) is indeed raised by ghosts. This book is also laugh-out-loud hilarious and, like all of Gaiman’s stories, just weird enough to make you wonder if you really got the whole idea. Is the bizarre ending really profound? Am I just not quite twisted enough to understand the subtleties? Either way The Graveyard Book is worth reading — on Halloween or any time of year really. I’ve never met a community of ghosts I more want to be friends with. You’ll never look at cemeteries the same way again. And my dark house is suddenly starting to feel very much alive.