Before this summer, the last time I had worked in a bookstore in the US was in 2007. One of the most obvious changes between then and now is the number of self-published authors. We have at least one or two authors contact us every week wanting us to sell their book in our store. The self-publishing phenomenon is extraordinarily significant and is much discussed elsewhere, but what strikes me is the vast chasm between writing a book and selling a book. For every self-published author that comes into our store, I wish I had the time to sit down and talk to them about the book market. Writing a book isn’t enough. Getting your book on a bookstore shelf isn’t enough. Publishing houses have editorial, production, marketing, distribution, digital and finance departments, just to name the most obvious. All of those different departments require people with varying skill sets. I admire self-published authors. I know first hand how much perseverance is required to write a book. But I also wonder how in the world one person can fulfill the ‘publishing’ part of self-published.

I’m starting to gather links that might be useful to self-published authors and I’ll continue to update this page.

Best of luck!

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