I definitely did not mean to take two weeks off from writing. In my defense, since December 27th, every minute I’ve sat at my computer has been dedicated to revamping our bookstore’s website. Like most projects it was harder, more complicated, and took way longer than I expected. I’m fairly pleased with the results, though, and I hope to continue developing and growing the site. In that vein, I really should learn more about HTML. My skills pretty much cap out at hacking other people’s code. I am not a programer, so I should  start with the basics. If anyone has suggestions on good — and dare I ask, fun — instruction manuals, I would appreciate them!

I’ll start posting regularly again tomorrow. I have a stack of books on my desk waiting to be discussed, starting with Falling For You, by Lisa Schroeder. It just came out on January 1st and is a very interesting read. Check back in for the full review.