In keeping with the early reader/read aloud concept that has developed this week, I must say that authors and publishers have gotten smart about this niche. Mary Ann Hoberman has written a number of books using the “You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You” refrain (Little, Brown, $6.99). These books, illustrated by Michael Emberly, contain two columns of text perfect for two-part dramatization. The text columns — in different colors — are meant for reading aloud and have a nursery rhyme quality (rhythmic and rhyming), entertaining for both the tongue and the ear. The number and level of words is the same for both readers, so there is not a hierarchy and it doesn’t matter which part each person reads. While these books certainly do lend themselves to adults and children, they could also be read by two emerging readers.

In addition to You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You Very Short Stories to Read Together, there are also Fairy Tales, Fables, Scary Stories, Mother Goose tales, and 20th Century Stories to read together.