I’ve been a bookseller for over 15 years. My specialties are children’s and ya books, but I’ve sold adult fiction, business books, travel books, reference books, history, science, and philosophy books, home and garden manuals, study guides,and religious texts.

Bookstores are filled with information and I’m always amused (and flattered) at how often someone stops in or calls for something that has nothing to do with books. They want to know where to eat, directions to local sights, hours for nearby businesses and they turn to the bookstore. People come into bookstores with questions and they expect the booksellers to have answers. They keep coming back because we often do. Booksellers are readers and we read everything.

Mostly, though, people approach booksellers for recommendations: “I’m looking for a book . . . ” I love having the chance to talk to our customers about books and love it even more when they’re willing to take the time to work with me, provide information (sometimes personal!), and talk about their own experiences with books and reading. Although the final selection is always individual, there are some books that formulate my core set of favorites.

This blog will feature many of the requests I get every day: I’m looking for a book . . . for an early reader who wants a chapter book . . . for a new-baby book . . . for a 12 year old who is a reluctant reader . . . for a teenager who has read everything . . . about horses, sports, fairies, mysteries, fantasy, history . . . and the answers from a bookseller, who is always ready with a recommendation.